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  • Moving Home or Office
  • Parcel Delivery & Collection
  • Home Removals
  • Product Distribution
  • Storage
  • Flatpack Assembly (on delivery)
  • Furniture Wrappings etc. Removed and Disposed of Properly

Proper planning in advancecan make your moving easy and stress free. Find time to know about your moving requirements such as how much money, time, manpower and other resources you will need to facilitate a more successful home removals.

Bringing in furniture that will not fit your new home is a waste of resources. Hence, planning for a garage sale at least two months earlier before you move can give bigger returns on your end.

When measuring the rooms of your new place, pay special attention to the layout of any of the windows and doors. It is also important to measure the heights of all your furniture in order to find remedies in case some of your items obstruct window views and others.

It is equally important that you find out how much storage and cupboard space you will have in your new place. This can help you decide if you will need to buy new cupboards, cabinets and others. Being knowledgeable about your available space, what items you can bring and can’t bring will give save you a lot.

To make the most of your moving, check out the following relocation guidelines:

Van with Man Delivery Service highly recommends that you should also be technically armed as to the measurements of your new home versus your furniture that will be brought in. If you know the facts and figures of your moving you can highly benefit on the following:

  • save money by not bringing excess possessions;
  • save your energy and strength from carrying things that will not actually fit inside your new home;
  • get some good returns from your garage sale;
  • you will start clean and fresh to a whole new place;
  • and train yourself to become expert in home removals.

Van with Man Galway Delivery Service makes the most of your moving by assisting you all the way until you are seated happily and relaxed in your new destination. Moving is not really something that you expect stress, expenses and other related problems. Moving is an exciting adventure and getting to know more friends, neighborhood and new workplace is a valued experience. Learning the diversity of neighborhood and culture is an opportunity that some people do not usually experience. So we always encourage that you make the most of your moving.

Moving House or Office

Moving House or Office

Van with Man Galway Delivery Service is your reliable partner in relocating to your new home or office. Moving can sometimes be a stressful and a dangerous time if you do not take the right precautions. There are several things you ought to be aware of during the moving process, e.g. incorrect lifting. You have to ensure that your boxes are not more than 20 kilograms which is considered to be just enough for one person to carry. Always observe proper lifting procedures in order to prevent back injury and all other related issues.

Van with Man Delivery Service can actually lift you out from the difficult process of moving. Our services are low cost and you are guaranteed of our high quality services.

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